“Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen With Your Eyes Open”
— David Ehrlich, Rolling Stone
The most complex and cohesive anthology film since Fantasia 2000. It’s the movie Freud might have Kickstarted after seeing 2006’s Paris, Je T’aime.
— Sean Malin, Austin Chronicle
One of the Three Best Films I Saw at SXSW.
— Richard Brody, The New Yorker
A horror-tinged surreal, well, fever dream... here is the rare omnibus that is remarkably consistent in quality segment to segment.
— Kenji Fujishima, Brooklyn Magazine
The good ol’ omnibus film is one of the most dangerous cine-ventures out there, but by gosh by golly this one actually succeeds?! collective:unconscious covers a dazzling gamut and does justice to its title in the process.
— Michael Tully, Hammer to Nail
Envelops you in five different dream worlds, each with distinct style and bracing originality.
— Dana Reinoos, Screen Slate