collective:unconscious is available to watch and download for free online.

Our favorite version is the DELUXE EDITION on BitTorrent. Not only does this come with the full film, but a boatload of special features including:

  • The dream statements that inspired each short (previously top secret!)
  • A 41-song ‘dream mixtape’ compiled by the filmmakers.
  • Deleted scenes, mood boards, and peaks inside the filmmakers’ processes.
  • Liner notes by dream maestro Dan Schoenbrun
  • The Nyquil Version - a remix of the entire film meant to fall asleep to.

And for those of you who don’t understand what a BitTorrent is, we’ve uploaded the film to Vimeo and YouTube too. Download is enabled on Vimeo, so feel free to grab the MP4 and watch it on your smart TV at your leisure.

Thank you for watching. We are giving this film away because we want as many people as possible to see it. We’ve put our hearts, souls, and subconsciouses into it, and we hope you like it!